Dedicated to Dante Angerville

Dedicated to Dante Davaugn Angerville

(July 31st 1987 – April 6th 2007)

This past April, my freind Dante Davaugn Angerville lost his battle with cancer. Today he would of been 20 years old. As a sort of a birthday present, I wanted to dedicate a section of this blog to my dear friend. His passing was a great shock to all of his family and friends, and to show how much of an impact his passing left on us, I felt it best to show an entry from his mothers own blog:


I can truthfully say that I have within the past few days lost the one thing in the world that meant anything to me. The one thing that kept me going each and every day and the one thing in this universe I loved more than anything else.

My son, went bravely into surgery that he would not come back from. His life…ending when his heart stopped and he could not be revived. I am continually haunted by the doctor’s words “something very very bad happened”……and at the same time i still feel a measure of disbelief. As if this is all some kind of horrible nightmare that Im going to wake up from any moment. The images of the doctors “informing me” what happened along with the vision of my son laying on a stretcher….tube still in his mouth…..gone….skin still warm to the touch….refuse to leave me….and i find myself unable to sleep because of them….most times i close my eyes these are the things that i see….and my heart either starts racing or if i were drifting off to sleep it causes me to jump out of whatever sleep i was about to get.

What has saved me from madness, is so far my ability not to think about what has happened in the last few days too much. Analyzing this would absolutely cause me to lose my mind as there is no reason to this… know that one is in death better off is one thing, to accept and understand to the point of it not hurting constantly – hurting so much that you can’t breathe at times…that is something altogether different.

I feel at times somewhat detatched from myself, like im sitting outside watching a life slowly be torn apart by degrees….and i have at times wondered who or what i pissed off to invoke such tragedy into my life.

Writing now while somewhat cathartic – is a challenge…there are just things that I can’t express – I don’t know how which is about where I am on most things now – how do you come back from losing your only child, the one GOOD thing you’ve done in your life? What is your motivation for anything anymore? How do you find one to keep you going?

What – do you do with your life and yourself ?My nerves are too bad now to even try and figure this all out….I have been left pretty much to my own devices with the exception of my girlfriend coming in from out of town last week and staying the week with me….and one or two visits from a “friend” no one has come by, the phone rarely rings….and most nights like tonight im sitting here alone trying to hold onto my sanity …..with great difficulty. Read More about Dante from his mother………

I’ve known Dante for roughly five years, and I can honestly say that the world lost something special. He was by far the most bright, intelligent, funny and most optomistic person I’m proud to say I know. Despite the bad situations he went through in life, he always found a way to laugh at it and be happy, as opposed to dwell in it and be angry. When I learned of his passing, an immense amout of sadness came over me, as I personally felt apart of myself go with him to heaven. It’s hard for anyone to accept the death of a loved one, especially one youre so close to, and one who was so young. It’s easy for us to say that Dante was robbed of his opportunity to leave an impact on our world, but doing that would be ignorant in that he already left an impact on our world. -Sean Warner

I didn’t know Dante as well as the guys did, but from the little that I knew, I think that if we could all take just one page out of his book, the world would be a much better place. It wouldn’t be what it was when he was here, but it would be better than what it is now that he’s gone. -Ramona

If you are going to post anecdotes and other stuff like that on the memorial page, I hope this suffices. I’ll always remember Dante for his quirky personality and his ability to make everyone laugh by saying or doing something no one expected. I’ll always remember him for randomly splitting himself away from a large group only to catch up with the later as well as his strange acronyms, postings of rap lyrics, and zingers directed towards certain people. He will sorely be missed and I don’t think there will be anyone who can emulate the kind of person he was. -Brian Cheung

Lest We Forget… It’s rather sad to see somebody like Dante pass away. He was a rare figure because he was sweet, caring, intelligent, friendly, and hard working. He’s what many of us wish we could be. -David Alexander

One of Dante’s most beloved interests were trains. He collected an extensive portfolio of rail pictures for his own collection, as well as video’s to share with everyone. One of the last music video’s he put together can be seen below:

If anyone wants to add any comments, or words of rememberance, they are free and very most welcome to do so.

tributewq5.jpg picture by allywabash21000

Note: I understand that I stated that July 30th was the deadline to contribute something to the page, but instead I feel it appropriate to say that if you want to add something, then you can e-mail me at and I will reply as soon as humanly possible. To those who do contribute, thank you for your generosity. Also, keep Dante’s spirit alive by taking care of your fellow human being, and giving kindness to others.

Dante’s Inferno

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