Untitled poem part 1

10 03 2009

An untitled poem I thought of while talking to a friend. And I know, I need a new Zen, and things to post while we’re at it.

Watching as the smoke drift from your mouth
Into the void of open air
The coldness lascerating your flesh
Whipping alabaster pigmentation red
The touch of your face
The sensation of my hand as i warm you



27 01 2009

Note: I’m putting a lot of myself out there in this post, and to be frank I have no idea why (okay I do, I’m just a tad scared).

I’ve recently fallen in love with the late 80s tv show Roseanne. I love how its the only television show thats really true to life. Even though I’m currently in season one, I skipped to the last episode (Into That Good Night) and was presented with what is not only the most successful creative coup in modern television, but a speech that put a lot of things into perspective for me.

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And so we begin…

20 01 2009

Where we’ve been

And where we are

All hail President Barack Obama and a new beginning for America

Good night and good luck

Live! Tonight! Sold Out!

20 01 2009


Watch the inauguration live via CNN webcast

Update Part 2

12 12 2008

I kinda have to be honest. The fate of this blog is in doubt given the lack of a vision for it. As of right now it means nothing, but it could probably mean something going into 2009. The thing is that I MAY continue to do a political column via Newsvine and this may just be a vessel for me to advertise my doings in other places, but that sounds like it would suck for you (if I do any political columns if that) to have this used as nothing more than an advertisement board (And of course I would NEVER do that……).

To be frank, I’d much rather focus on my poetry and photography and leave politics aside and lets face it; whats the number one reason single twenty two year old losers start a blog for (aside from the pursuit of women)?

Of course I can still use this to post poems (because lets face it, Associated content SUCKS!!!) and the occasional news item, but then we’d be back where we were prior to this moment. I think its clear that it will come down between keeping this, and getting rid of the AC shit (in which the DSM series 1-5 will be posted somewhere else, like here as its own page)

Oh, and DSM 6 will premier some time before New Years.

Later Dayz


How I feel about the 2008 Summer Olympics

9 08 2008

Finally DSM 1a, DSM 1 and !b


6 08 2008

Due to a death in the family, there’s a temporary moratorium on edits.

Here is DSM 4 and DSM 5