27 01 2009

Note: I’m putting a lot of myself out there in this post, and to be frank I have no idea why (okay I do, I’m just a tad scared).

I’ve recently fallen in love with the late 80s tv show Roseanne. I love how its the only television show thats really true to life. Even though I’m currently in season one, I skipped to the last episode (Into That Good Night) and was presented with what is not only the most successful creative coup in modern television, but a speech that put a lot of things into perspective for me.

After watching this, I not only decided to try and reach my full potential in life but to also know what I want out of this. This is why in a hazy stupor of emotions and marijuana smoke, I wrote my life goals.

-To write a book explaining my personality (I feel I should specify that I’ve had this idea for a while)
-To spend around five years in Africa as a foreign journalist
-To become a professional photographer in any way shape or form
-To publish my poems (at least one book worth)
-To have my own Wikipedia page 😀
-To live life happier and more fulfilled than my parents
-To improve the lives of my kids by at least fifty percent
-To descend into old age being happy




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