Non denominational update

28 01 2009

Moments of Zen has been so successful I’m making it permanent.  Oh and I’m changing the theme. I hate the current theme. It doesn’t help that wordpress sucks at providing good themes.

Dedicated to the seven souls who dared to reach for the stars

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27 01 2009

Note: I’m putting a lot of myself out there in this post, and to be frank I have no idea why (okay I do, I’m just a tad scared).

I’ve recently fallen in love with the late 80s tv show Roseanne. I love how its the only television show thats really true to life. Even though I’m currently in season one, I skipped to the last episode (Into That Good Night) and was presented with what is not only the most successful creative coup in modern television, but a speech that put a lot of things into perspective for me.

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Zhen 1

23 01 2009

Since Pownce was shut down, I now post on Twitter.

Copied from the Daily show with John Stewart, moments of zhen are just random things that cross my mind throughout the vast desert of world culture which includes but is not limited to; humor, poems that arent mine, other blog posts, pictures and political substance. Read the rest of this entry »

And so we begin…

20 01 2009

Where we’ve been

And where we are

All hail President Barack Obama and a new beginning for America

Good night and good luck

Live! Tonight! Sold Out!

20 01 2009


Watch the inauguration live via CNN webcast


19 01 2009

For those of you that follow me on twitter knows that my life has reached a state of tedium and non creativity.  I have no job, I’m low on “happy stuff” and that $500,000 I was hoping to drop from the sky isnt coming.  In short, my life sucks and everything is looking downhill.  On the upside, I’m thinking of staying in college longer to pursue a bachelors in fine art in the field of photography.  That isnt written in stone but its a possibility, and a decision I will make within the next few days/weeks/months (more likely months).


My friends blog Like a fleshy spine.

In less than twelve hours America will inaugurate a new President, Barack H. Obama. In commemeration of that here is the speech that got him started.

Good night and good luck, later dayz.


6 01 2009

cant type, carpel tunnel, ouch.