Shadow Of The Sun (DSM 2)

31 07 2008

Before I get to the poem, two things.

One: I was suppose to post a simulcast op-ed today, however due to some personal issues it will be posted on Friday Morning

Two: Don’t be afraid to check me out on Pownce, and read my play by play whimsical ramblings.

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31 07 2008

Poetic News

29 07 2008

After a week of uncertainty, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (or simply DSM) poetic series (by me of course) is finally coming into fruition. DSM 1 and DSM 1B have just been released, and there’s more to come. DSM 2 has already been released a week ago.

Note: This is actually Part One (DSM 1) and Three (DSM 1B). Part two (DSM 1A) hasn’t been released (yet).

Thank You Randy

25 07 2008

The Last Lecture with Randy Pausch

Oct. 23, 1960 – July 25, 2008

Support Ohnest Aeb

24 07 2008

I apologize for the lack of updates, however I’m currently trying to sort through some personal things. In the meantime: Please support Ohnest Aeb through either shopping at our store, or just visiting the links below.

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Shadow of the sun

Food Shortage part 2

7 07 2008

Because of a surprising amount of feedback concerning the food shortage issue of this year, I am now dedicating some time to posting more news items concerning the global crisis and any materials anyone would like to contribute to help curtail the impact.

This crisis is a lot more than people starving in [[Select continent]]n countries because of [[Select natural or man made disaster]]. If the crisis isn’t’ dealt with, we can see a security crisis unlike no other; one which can even undermine the global war on terrorism.

I apologize for there not being more to write about, however the mainstream media has all but abandoned the plight of third (and some second) world countries suffering with the increasing price of food.

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Pardon Me

5 07 2008

Pardon me but I have nothing to say!