Week of the 23rd in politics

23 05 2008

This week in political news from Ohnest Aeb:

Somewhat Urgent Note: As Barack Obama gets ready to become the nations first African American nominee for President, it’s important that I tell you something concerning the general elections. Word around the campfire is that the Karl Rove propaganda machine has obtained a video of Michelle Obama speaking at the pulpit of Jeremiah Wright’s church, saying some racially charged things towards Caucasians. The validity of this is suspect, but it is within the realm of possibility (possibility does not equate to true), which is why I’m posting it now. Until this is verified, I will still continue to endorse Barack Obama. The blogger who first came out with this is Larry C. Johnson. He is a Clinton supporter and serious critic of Barack Obama, which puts this claim of a Michelle-Wright video in an even more suspicious light. Read more here

In other news….

As Darfur moves deeper into the realm of oblivion, there are growing signs that the crisis is starting to expand into other territories. Chad forces made an incursion into Sudan, possibly setting the stage for an even bigger African conflict than the Second Congo War: The Economist reports.

The Economist also explains why a so called “dream ticket” with Obama and Clinton isn’t such a dream at all (hint:its because she’s Hillary Clinton)

I know it’s bad, but at least they’re being hypocrites with women again.

From Newsvine concerning Big Oil…….again.

I was originally going to say “something something Ted Kennedy” but in light of the recent news I will extend my heart and best wishes to the Kennedy family in this trying time, and may god bless them.




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