Black History Month

29 02 2008

This isn’t about Black history, this is about American History!

Happy Birthday Mister Cobain

20 02 2008

10/30/92 – Estadio de Velez Sarsfield, Buenos Aires, Argentina

February 20th 1967-April 5th 1994

Kurt Cobain was so young
Sad to see this poet’s gone.

* Sacred life by The Cult

The jilted lovers poem

17 02 2008


Hate to see you unhappy, so I’m trying
Always trying
To decipher your emotions, but..
Every time I come close, I’m ten steps farther than I was before

You never seemed to obtain satisfaction
Only anger towards me, as If I’m never good enough
Until I realized you never loved me….

My Post Valentines Day Post

17 02 2008
From a guy who hates Valentines day
I didn’t spend my Hallmark holiday in the arms of a lover,
nor did I spend it with friends and family I love.
In fact, I didn’t even know Valentines day passed.
That doesn’t mean I stopped loving you.
And yes, I know the picture has nothing to do with Valentines Day, or Love

This week in whatever the fuck……

14 02 2008

Breaking News: I hate Half Sigma There I said it! The site is more a place for racist whites to vent about how they hate black people, than a place for real political discourse. So in summation; a pox on their fucking half sigma, and a pox on the people who post there!

Shameless Plug-in

Here is the approval ratings of several high profile world leaders.

One more thing from the Economist concerning the Guantanamo 6.

Israel’s apparent 9/2007 Strike in the Dark against Syria

Steven Spielberg to boycott Beijing Olympics, along with Ohnest Aeb

CIA Torture

10 02 2008

From Al Jazeera

Part 1:

Part 2: