Two day late post

31 01 2008

Since I’m unofficially endorsing Barack Obama, here’s his response to the President’s State of the union.

I’m not all that concerned about Bush’s legacy, as his blunders will trump even the legacy of Richard Milhous Nixon’s legacy (although some have come back from the brink to be considered popular presidents, after their term was up).

More in Ohnest Aeb news below:

The cooks spoil Obama’s broth as Latinos add fuel to the Black vs. White fire. This was when Clinton was riding Obamas dick, so it may not be as relevant right now (note: Democrats have been known to rip defeat from the jaws of victory before, especially when killing their own), although a lot can happen in 9 months, especially concerning a sectarian divide as big as Blacks vs. Latinos.

Speaking of Obama…. I don’t know what the hell is going on here, but the world has truly gone nuckin futs, as the ultra conservative, and ultra unreliable New York Posts endorses Barack Obama for his party’s nomination.

The Centaur vs. The Crusader as John Edwards goes gracefully and with dignity, while Guiliani essentially proves that he’s a sellout ass wipe. Honestly, who the hell sits out the latter part of the game, and expects to win off a hell mary?

Africa’s burning and no one cares
Africa’s burning and no one cares
Africa’s burning and no one cares
But watch American Idol…




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