Two day late post

31 01 2008

Since I’m unofficially endorsing Barack Obama, here’s his response to the President’s State of the union.

I’m not all that concerned about Bush’s legacy, as his blunders will trump even the legacy of Richard Milhous Nixon’s legacy (although some have come back from the brink to be considered popular presidents, after their term was up).

More in Ohnest Aeb news below:

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Ode to John Edwards

30 01 2008

Writing this I am at a loss of words, as it’s very sad to see such an upstanding guy like John Edwards leave the presidential race. Edwards has set the bar for the democratic candidates (literally) and continues to crusade for those who don’t have a voice in America, even when being accused of being the limousine liberal he’s not. What I like most about him is that he doesn’t believe in imposing his religious views on anyone else, and is actually willing to compromise his own beliefs in order for the good of the country. Apparently this wasn’t enough for the American people, but hopefully more politicians like Edwards will emerge in the political landscape.  In summation, I wish john Edwards and his family the best, and I hope he keeps fighting the good fight.

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Oh, and drop dead Giuliani.

Mitochondria poems

25 01 2008

The second series of poems that have been written since Centre Of Gravity.

As you can tell, I’m really into Nine Inch Nails

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Mid week in Ohnest Aeb news

9 01 2008

-Despite his New Hampshire defeat, Americas favorite black guy picked up a key endorsement from the Culinary Workers union.

-A fantastic article on Ron Paul and his newsletter controversy. By Ross Douthat

-The African union tries to quell tensions in Kenya

-Another opportunity for Bush to Fuck up

Oh, and some politician won some insipid primary in New Hampshire

Enjoy the rest of your week. Neurotically yours
-Ohnest Aeb

Iowa Caucus Speech

4 01 2008

Barack Obama’s victory speech last night

….On Benazir Bhutto

2 01 2008

It’s been over a week since Benazir Bhutto was assassinated, and in that time we’ve seen a nuclear power continue its downward spiral, although in all fairness political instability isn’t anything new to Pakistan. What’s special about this situation is that the potential power vacuum includes the Taliban and Al Qaida, and now Pakistan has weapons of mass destruction. The only hope for Pakistan (and India for that matter) is that the untrustworthy Musharaff (don’t be suprised if it turns out that he’s responsible), Nawaz Sharif, and Asif Ali Zardari.

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